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The Real Beauty Queen Secret

Posted by on Jul 06 2013 | Basics, Informaiton


Being a beauty queen is a title that a lot of little girls and ladies all over the world dreams of at some point in life. However, not everyone realize that in the real world it is not only about being pretty and poses, but it is all about discipline, perseverance, dedication and passion. There are a lot of things that are happening at the same time behind the drop dead gorgeous body and beauty. Brains are also a factor that most of the beauty queen fans don’t realize. Sometimes you have to see beyond the beauty and appreciate who they really are. Combine all these things and you will see the true beauty queen who deserves to have the title. So, the real secret of a beauty queen is not all about the products or regimens that she does or what they do because the real secret is the dedication.

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Top Three Beauty Queen Secrets

Posted by on May 13 2013 | Informaiton


There are a lot of revealed secrets to becoming a beauty queen. First, those who aspires a title must have clean and radiant skin. This will exude a beautiful appearance that will captivate judges. A clean and clear face is a must as this will be the first thing seen when joining a contest. Detoxification and eating the right kinds of food will help to maintain beautiful skin. Second, exercise is also a must not only for beauty queen aspirants but for everyone. Regular exercise and the right diet will help keep the body tone in shape and healthy. This will also help to maintain a voluptuous curve that will boost the body during swimwear events. Lastly, sleep is essential to keep the mind and body fit. Getting regular rest and adequate number of sleeping hours will calm the senses to help beauty queen candidates give the right answer during the pageant.

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Posted by on Apr 22 2013 | Basics

small__8638153780Remember the last time, we discussed how important it was to choose the right shoe for you? Well, this time, it’s best to listen – here’s one of the terrible, terrible things that could happen to your feet if you force yourself into the wrong ones.

A lot of women just love – nay, adore – shoes. I don’t blame them at all! Shoes are one of the best accessories a lady can have, it can make the look, or change it entirely by just wearing a different pair. A pastel-colored sheer feminine dress will look different in a pair of ballet flats and likewise in a pair of tough combat boots. However, just like I said in the last post, it is important to look for the best fit and support a shoe can offer, because if not, you’re are looking at a bad case of bunions waiting to happen.

Bunions, in a nutshell, are foot deformities caused by forcing the big toe into a teeny-tiny spot (as with pointed shoes), and over-all shoe tightness. This means you’re wearing the wrong size or wrong fit of shoe, and punishing your toes. Do your feet a favor and get the right size.

photo credit: Jess’ New Account via photopin cc

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Choosing the Right High Heels for You

Posted by on Feb 20 2013 | Informaiton


In our last post, we focused on some tips you can use to get used to negotiating stairs in your high heels. Today, we’ll talk about some essential points to choosing the right high heels for you.

So many shoes, so little time. Strutting your stuff in a pair of high heels can bring out all the glamour and spunk in your step, but what if one misstep can bring everything tumbling down? Choosing a bad pair of heels can cost you your grace, your peace of mind, and worse, your spine! Imagine trying to negotiate a flight of stairs as your graceful entrance – and then, you miss a step. Oooh, nasty!

When it comes to heels, it is best to choose a shoe that supports your arch as best it can, as well as support and proper cushioning for the balls of your feet. If possible, go for a squared or chunky heel rather than a stiletto. The thinner the heel, the worse the impact will be on your foot.

photo credit: || UggBoy♥UggGirl || PHOTO || WORLD || TRAVEL || via photopin cc

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Beauty Queen Secrets Revealed!

Posted by on Jan 30 2013 | Informaiton

Do you want to know how beauty queens always look fabulous? Or better yet do you want to join them and be a beauty queen yourself? If your answer is a resounding Yes then read this article and discover the secrets all beauty queen live by. Here I will reveal their top secret on staying pretty, sexy and loved by all.

1. Detoxify or also known as Internal Cleansing. A lot of Beauty Queens undergo this therapy and even Hollywood actresses. This can be done through colon irrigation or you can simply use drugs.

2. Exercise. One of the most important thing to always look young, gorgeous and pretty, and is done through a great exercise. Exercising regularly can absolutely help you stay in good shape both mentally and physically, and provide you blooming look everyday.

3. Sleep. Having a complete 8 hours of sleep is a great way to feel refresh. If you are a busy person, you must still need to find time to sleep. Sleeping can also take away those big eye bags.

4. Facials. A regular facial is a must, at least once a month, to eliminate facial oils and impurities. This is highly recommended most especially for women who are prone to acne problems. You may also use skin and beauty products as maintenance but make sure that it suits your skin type.

5. Communicate and Inspired. 2012 1st Runner up Miss Janine Tugonon of the Philippines receive this question on the Top 5. Do beauty queens need to learn English and use it as the main language to communicate and inspired people all over the world? Her answer is the best possible answer for that. She said whether you learn Thai, English, Chinese or whatever native language, what’s important is that you inspired people through your action. Your heart will say it all.

Last but not the least is to Smile. If you smile, the whole world will smile to you as well. Brilliant smile can give you a sparkle in your face, making you glow and stun. Smiling can help you look younger and prettier.

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Heels and Stairs

Posted by on Jan 28 2013 | Real-life

One thing many beauty queens need to practice and brace themselves for is descending the stairs in their heels. Many a queen has taken a tumble, with the true test of their mettle being how well they recoup their losses and make an awesome recovery from the fall. Take Miss Universe Philippines Miriam Quiambao as a prime example of grace under pressure and a bad fall.

Walking in heels and taking the stairs in heels can be treacherous, but it need not be something to fear. Even the best beauty queens have had to face this dilemma, and have worked hard to conquer it. How? By practice. Lots and lots of practice.

To follow their example, practice as much as you can at home until you feel comfortable in your heels. It always helps to have good posture for even weight distribution and balance control. Hold on to the stair railings if you feel out of balance, and use the entire shoe for support.

photo credit: vsmoothe via photopin cc

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Delicious Sources of Vitamin E

Posted by on Dec 30 2012 | Foodstuffs


Vitamin E is considered the new font of eternal youth. It is the go-to vitamin for youthful-looking and healthy skin, vibrant, luxurious hair, and nails that glow with the pink of health. Its anti-aging properties help skin retain its elasticity and suppleness. It’s no wonder that products enriched with Vitamin E are flooding the markets and are flying off the shelves minute by minute. Vitamin E sells, and business is good.

Vitamin E isn’t just found in beauty creams, body lotions, bath soaps, and capsules bought in drugstores. Why not have your daily recommended dietary allowance of this vitamin, and eat it, too?

Hazelnuts and almonds are rich sources of Vitamin E. (Nut and Nutella lovers, rejoice! )Help yourself to a handful every day to feed your skin.

Wheat germ oil, sunflower oil, and safflower oil are also excellent sources. If you love eating vegetables like spinach, collard, beets, and turnip, you’re in luck. Not only are these vegetables rich in fiber and other minerals, but they also carry with them generous amounts of Vitamin E. What’s not to love about eating healthily?

photo credit: William Ismael | Willpower LifeForce via photopin cc

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Secret to Anti-Aging

Posted by on Dec 29 2012 | Techniques

Image Source: lifedynamix.com

There are a lot of products, ranging from miracle creams to spot treatments and gels to topical prescriptions that are bought and sold under the premise of reducing the signs of aging. But we often neglect are many habits and things we can do today that will prevent some of those wrinkles (or at least reduce their severity) tomorrow. We have products that we probably already have but don’t include in our ritual. Bolster our regimen by ensuring we can consume a few foods that are known to be excellent sources of antioxidants. They are essential to good health, which also includes helping skin maintain its youthful glow. Beta-carotene like carrots may neutralize free radicals which affect your skin on a cellular level. Anthocyanidins like berries increase our cellular defense system. Flavanones like citrus and flavonols like apples and onions, broccoli and cauliflower .

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Hoop Your Way to a Beauty Queen Body!

Posted by on Nov 29 2012 | Techniques

Just like supermodels and Hollywood superstars, beauty queens always need to keep in top form. These ladies always need to keep vigilant to maintain their feminine figures, trim waists, and tight derrieres, and are always in their best posture. People often think they’re just born with it, and having a gorgeous body is forever out of reach. However, what they don’t realize is these beauty queens need to work hard – doubly hard – to keep a gorgeous and fit body. Model figures – you aren’t born with them; you work for them. With that realization, this means if they can do it, you can do it too!

Now, the notion of exercise doesn’t sound appealing to a lot of people. Give an example of an exercise, and there will be as many complaints about it as there are people the world over. If you’re the type of person who (1) shuns bulky muscle-building exercise equipment, (2) runs away from heavy-lifting, (3) feels awkward in aerobics classes, (4) find jogging to jolting for the joints, and (5) doesn’t want the mumbo-jumbo that so often comes with yoga, well, … Why not hooping?

Hooping is a great exercise, exactly because it doesn’t feel like exercise at all! Hooping has long evolved from simply keeping a hula hoop moving on your waist. It now incorporates gracefully geometric moves, and interesting kin-esthetics. It tones and strengthens muscles in all the right places, and keeps your heart rate up while giving you a great aerobic workout. You can even outfit your hoop with ribbons, funky LED lights,and even fire! Why not give hooping a try?

photo credit: sushi_zume via photopin cc

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Exercise your Face

Posted by on Oct 30 2012 | Basics, Informaiton, Real-life, Techniques

facialexcerciseYep, sounds crazy but as with all the body’s other muscles the face needs it’s regular regimen of exercise to keep fit and help make you look younger. Stretching and flexing the muscles through movement is a natural process that results in good tone and a balanced face, ready to face the world. Do you know that a smile takes more muscles to perform than walking? The face has several muscles that have to work in conjunction with each other to perform the simple smile so smile a lot to get enough exercise to those facial muscles.
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