Delicious Sources of Vitamin E

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Vitamin E is considered the new font of eternal youth. It is the go-to vitamin for youthful-looking and healthy skin, vibrant, luxurious hair, and nails that glow with the pink of health. Its anti-aging properties help skin retain its elasticity and suppleness. It’s no wonder that products enriched with Vitamin E are flooding the markets and are flying off the shelves minute by minute. Vitamin E sells, and business is good.

Vitamin E isn’t just found in beauty creams, body lotions, bath soaps, and capsules bought in drugstores. Why not have your daily recommended dietary allowance of this vitamin, and eat it, too?

Hazelnuts and almonds are rich sources of Vitamin E. (Nut and Nutella lovers, rejoice! )Help yourself to a handful every day to feed your skin.

Wheat germ oil, sunflower oil, and safflower oil are also excellent sources. If you love eating vegetables like spinach, collard, beets, and turnip, you’re in luck. Not only are these vegetables rich in fiber and other minerals, but they also carry with them generous amounts of Vitamin E. What’s not to love about eating healthily?

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