Beauty Queen Secrets Revealed!

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Do you want to know how beauty queens always look fabulous? Or better yet do you want to join them and be a beauty queen yourself? If your answer is a resounding Yes then read this article and discover the secrets all beauty queen live by. Here I will reveal their top secret on staying pretty, sexy and loved by all.

1. Detoxify or also known as Internal Cleansing. A lot of Beauty Queens undergo this therapy and even Hollywood actresses. This can be done through colon irrigation or you can simply use drugs.

2. Exercise. One of the most important thing to always look young, gorgeous and pretty, and is done through a great exercise. Exercising regularly can absolutely help you stay in good shape both mentally and physically, and provide you blooming look everyday.

3. Sleep. Having a complete 8 hours of sleep is a great way to feel refresh. If you are a busy person, you must still need to find time to sleep. Sleeping can also take away those big eye bags.

4. Facials. A regular facial is a must, at least once a month, to eliminate facial oils and impurities. This is highly recommended most especially for women who are prone to acne problems. You may also use skin and beauty products as maintenance but make sure that it suits your skin type.

5. Communicate and Inspired. 2012 1st Runner up Miss Janine Tugonon of the Philippines receive this question on the Top 5. Do beauty queens need to learn English and use it as the main language to communicate and inspired people all over the world? Her answer is the best possible answer for that. She said whether you learn Thai, English, Chinese or whatever native language, what’s important is that you inspired people through your action. Your heart will say it all.

Last but not the least is to Smile. If you smile, the whole world will smile to you as well. Brilliant smile can give you a sparkle in your face, making you glow and stun. Smiling can help you look younger and prettier.

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