Choosing the Right High Heels for You

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In our last post, we focused on some tips you can use to get used to negotiating stairs in your high heels. Today, we’ll talk about some essential points to choosing the right high heels for you.

So many shoes, so little time. Strutting your stuff in a pair of high heels can bring out all the glamour and spunk in your step, but what if one misstep can bring everything tumbling down? Choosing a bad pair of heels can cost you your grace, your peace of mind, and worse, your spine! Imagine trying to negotiate a flight of stairs as your graceful entrance – and then, you miss a step. Oooh, nasty!

When it comes to heels, it is best to choose a shoe that supports your arch as best it can, as well as support and proper cushioning for the balls of your feet. If possible, go for a squared or chunky heel rather than a stiletto. The thinner the heel, the worse the impact will be on your foot.

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