Exercise your Face

Posted by on Oct 30 2012 | Basics, Informaiton, Real-life, Techniques

facialexcerciseYep, sounds crazy but as with all the body’s other muscles the face needs it’s regular regimen of exercise to keep fit and help make you look younger. Stretching and flexing the muscles through movement is a natural process that results in good tone and a balanced face, ready to face the world. Do you know that a smile takes more muscles to perform than walking? The face has several muscles that have to work in conjunction with each other to perform the simple smile so smile a lot to get enough exercise to those facial muscles.
Most people would laugh at you seemingly making a fool of yourself but the benefits of exercising your face and smiling have been known to promote good health. The process of laughter causes the human body to release endorphins that can be compared to drugs that stimulate the high known to addicts the world over. So laugh more, it’s healthier for the mind and body and it tends to be contagious spreading like wildfire. It’s free and best of all, healthy.

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