Heels and Stairs

Posted by on Jan 28 2013 | Real-life

One thing many beauty queens need to practice and brace themselves for is descending the stairs in their heels. Many a queen has taken a tumble, with the true test of their mettle being how well they recoup their losses and make an awesome recovery from the fall. Take Miss Universe Philippines Miriam Quiambao as a prime example of grace under pressure and a bad fall.

Walking in heels and taking the stairs in heels can be treacherous, but it need not be something to fear. Even the best beauty queens have had to face this dilemma, and have worked hard to conquer it. How? By practice. Lots and lots of practice.

To follow their example, practice as much as you can at home until you feel comfortable in your heels. It always helps to have good posture for even weight distribution and balance control. Hold on to the stair railings if you feel out of balance, and use the entire shoe for support.

photo credit: vsmoothe via photopin cc

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